Our Projects


We are supporting a fundraiser at The Maddermarket - Norwich's Community Theatre.



Our all-male company of actors.

Part installation, part performance, our projects promote dialogue, engagement and understanding of male mental health issues affecting young men.



We continue to develop our immersive programmes to harness the power of creativity, well-being, communication and culture. 


Our Work

Our VISION is to empower our creatives to embrace new possibilities and believe in themselves and their futures.

Our MISSION is to support and showcase our creatives, using a brave relevant text in an immersive setting.

Our PURPOSE is to seek out diverse new talent through ensemble work and social inclusion.  We will continue to develop and produce opportunities to challenge art form and bring together outstanding local creatives to take on inspired and artistic challenges.


As Artistic Director of MOCO, I will continually strive towards being as ambitious as the young people I serve and to advance social positive change.


Artistic Director


Our Audience

Jack Jarvis  I still haven't quite recovered

from the emotional impact and the cathartic beauty this show brings, but it took my breath away.

Rohan Gotobed, UEA student  Your production was so stimulating for a drama student that I came back three times.  How do I audition for your next project?

Izzy Kabban  Such a cool, energetic and bold show.  You must go see it.

Jess Taylor  Brilliant company that is so clearly dedicated to their craft.  It was a divinely choreographed, yet disturbing, testosterone filled marvel.

Myles Crowder  A fantastic experience.  All encompassing.  A chain of events made from first class links.  An exquisitely engaging piece of theatre.  The world outside just dissolved.

Tim Seeley  Bowled over by the raw energy of the evening.  Great theatre.  Sensational performance.

Georgia Dimpoulou  I felt privileged to be part of this immersive experience.

Workshop Participant  I suffer from Anxiety Disorder and have attended several workshops that support male mental health.  MOCO is the only company who have given me the strength to introduce myself.  Very accessible.  A lovely company of people.

Nawaza, Outline Magazine  It's clear from the start there's a strong team of magic makers behind this production.  The awe inspired was much deserved.

Nic Bodger, London

Excellent stuff this - thoroughly recommend.

Not your typical night in Norwich and worthy of a London slot.

Sam Clemmett 


Played Albus Potter in the original West End and Broadway cast of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

'I am excited to continue to share in Miche's work, passion and love for the arts.  I will always remember and be thankful to her for allowing me space to develop my creativity and skills which I use as a base in all my work.  Miche continues to inspire me daily.'

Jack Bannon


Plays the title role in the Batman prequel series, Pennyworth.

'It’s fantastic what MOCO and Miche are doing for young people, specifically young men and their mental health.  She helped me enormously and I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today without her.  It’s an honour to be a patron of MOCO and  I’m excited to see what’s next for them.  Norfolk is certainly lucky to have them.'