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Creative immersion

We continue to develop our immersive programmes to harness the power of creativity, well-being, communication & culture. Watch this space - workshops & classes coming soon.

LIGHTHOUSE an installation
LIGHT in the darkness of wellbeing

A direct response to audience feedback of our women's workshops, the Lighthouse will become part of our Women’s Project.


"Theatre at its most courageous. For a brief hour I felt understood and quietly remembered loved ones"

"I was immersed in the life of this woman who was sometimes me"


"Illuminating. I want to rush home and hug my mum"


Women are invited to become a part of the project by writing a message on origami paper and folding a seagull which will be added to illuminate our women’s project.


The LIGHTHOUSE will be exhibited from 20th March 2022 at

Stage 2, Norwich Theatre as part of their RSC Nation project. 

Acting & Drama Classes

Through ensemble work and social inclusion, our workshops continue to develop and produce opportunities to challenge art form.

Our projects bring together outstanding local creatives to take on inspired and artistic challenges.

Singing & Dance
Acting & Skills Classes

Learn ways to improve your techniques, increase your confidence levels and give your unique self the best possible chance.

Begin a journey with drama feeling safe and valued.  Being creative gives people curiosity and confidence.  Our classes are designed to encourage and nurture, providing a forum for building new friendships. 

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