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Led by Artistic Director, Miche Montague, we are currently developing a new commission for

The Hostry Festival 2019

Supported by the Arts Society Norwich  

Part installation, part performance, this immersive project will promote dialogue, engagement and understanding of mental health issues affecting young men.

Come and immerse yourself in a world where the lines between performer and audience, and performance and life are blurred. 

MOCO Immersion

Creative Space has invited MOCO to join them in the development of programmes and projects that harness the power of creativity, well-being and communication.

'We are proud to provide a home for this unique and important theatre company'

Paula & Nick Meir, Founders of Creative Space

Locked Up Voices

With the support of the Arts Society Norwich, we are developing a project to produce creative and inspirational work.  This unique piece of theatre will be written and performed by prisoners - giving them a voice in the community and allowing them to be heard.